DME/HME Billing Software that will Transform Your Revenue Cycle!

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Enhance Quality, Efficiency & Productivity of DME/HME Practices with our medical billing software.

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Get Your billing process transformed with Premium DME/HME Software

It is time to discover the full potential of your HME/DME billing processes with exceptional DME billing software - Unify Medicraft. It is a trusted medical billing software. We understand the unique challenges faced by Home Medical Equipment (HME) and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers. Our comprehensive HME billing software & DME billing software solutions are designed to streamline your billing operations, enhance accuracy, and boost overall efficiency of your healthcare practice. 
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DME Billing Software for Your Revenue Cycle Management

Improve your revenue cycle along with delivering top-class services to your patients. Get DME Billing Software in the form of Unify Medicraft. We provide tailored DME billing solutions as your dedicated medical billing software. Our DME Billing Software is well-versed in the latest processes and committed to excellence. 

Get the efficiency of your DME billing sorted by leveraging the expertise of our DME Billing Software. While submitting medical billing claims, our DME Billing software ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability at various billing stages. This meticulous approach, coupled with the right adherence to the latest regulatory standards, guarantees a higher acceptance rate. Our medical billing software ultimately contributes to prompt collections and a substantial boost in your healthcare business’s revenue.  

Unify Medicraft comprehends the intricacies of DME billing procedures and the vital fusion of data security and safeguarding PHI. This collaboration helps to revolutionize your billing process, making it streamlined and highly productive. Our DME Billing Software results in improved and smooth revenue flow. 
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HME Billing Software to Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle

To ensure that you continue delivering cutting-edge HME services to patients, stable revenue and profitability are critical. Revolutionize your revenue cycle with our HME billing software that is customized as per your healthcare practice.  

Unify Medicraft elevates productivity, efficiency, and profitability as a specialized HME billing software.   

Our HME billing software brings in high accountability and dedication to your processes. The medical billing software ensures meticulous review and documentation for each claim. This helps free up you and your internal team, enabling better focus on customer expectations and deliverables. 

It is time to bid Farewell to delayed claim submissions, pending collections, and aging AR with Unify Medicraft: an advanced HME billing software. Elevate your revenue management to new heights by optimizing reimbursements and enhancing collection tracking, ultimately reducing bad debt. Allow your dedication and efforts in billing to seamlessly translate into prompt collections and the revenue you rightfully deserve with the 24/7 support of Our HME software.  
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What We Provide as Your HME/DME Software

Easily add new or existing patient information into our DME/HME software. This involves entering patient demographic details, including name, address, phone number, email address, insurance information etc.

In this process, we confirm the validity of an insurance policy by either accessing an online portal or making phone calls to the insurance provider. This is done to verify coverage details, policy information, and eligibility for specific services or treatments in our HME/DME software.

As per prior authorization, a healthcare provider must obtain approval from a patient's insurance company before certain medical procedures and treatments. It is to ensure that the healthcare services are medically necessary and meet the guidelines of insurance companies.

Follow up with Doctor’s Office include obtaining a patient’s medical records or information from a doctor’s office to continue or review their medical care, treatment, or to address any related administrative or healthcare needs.

By getting Unify Medicraft as your HME/DME software, denials are systematically identified and addressed from insurance companies and other payers. They, as your DME software includes reviewing denied claims, identifying the various reasons for denial, and taking corrective measures to again submit or appeal the claims for reimbursement.

Manage unpaid patient balances and insurance claims that have not been processed or paid for with your HME/DME Software - Unify Medicraft. To ensure timely payment, resolve billing disputes, and address any outstanding balances. Unify Medicraft regularly follows up with patients and payers.

Why Choose Unify Medicraft as Your Medical Billing Software?

Data Driven Management

Unify Medicraft as your DME/HME software ensures the profitability of your healthcare business through denial management proficiency. Our dedicated software focuses on your billing requirements, ensuring timely reimbursement by minimizing claim denials and recovering lost revenue.

HIPAA-Compliant Security for Patient Data Protection

Security concerns can’t be ignored in medical billing operations. PHI is a highly regulated form of data and there are stringent legal guidelines to effectively manage it. Unify Medicraft is a medical billing software that will take up all your worries regarding securing PHI.

Industry Expertise

Getting Unify Medicraft as a medical billing software for healthcare practices ensures unparalleled industry proficiency. The proficiency and comprehension of Unify Medicraft DME/HME software as your guarantees precise claims, improved reimbursement rates, and efficient denial management.

Enhance Your Operational Efficiency: Explore Our DME/HME Billing Software!

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