“If you do not incorporate technology in your process, your end is inevitable” 

The right tools and resources are very important for any practice. These tools help you manage and run your Otolaryngology practice smoothly and with lesser human intervention.  

However, this can be simplified even more with the help of an Otolaryngology billing Software.  

But how?? 

An Otolaryngology software is designed for your specific practice acting as a key player in maintaining effective billing service.  

A major problem that ENT providers come across is that they are not able to find the right Otolaryngology software that can provide them with the necessary tools required for a smooth functioning. 

Unify Medicraft is curated just for the purpose of simplifying your Otolaryngology billing and taking a huge load off your shoulders.   

But how can we say that?

Well, being in the industry for so long has been very fruitful for us and we understand all the elements required for an efficient billing experience.  

Hereunder, we have listed some detailed reasons why Unify Medicraft is the best Otolaryngology software.  

Features of Unify Medicraft Otolaryngology Billing Software 


One thing that we need to understand is that there is no one-size fit all software solution for any medical billing procedure. Same is the case for Otolaryngology billing service. 

You need software that is specially crafted for Otolaryngology and fulfills the requirements for your practice.  

It includes work order sets, with the most used diagnoses and tests orders in your field.

It will help you streamline the entire documentation process as now you need not go through the heavy paperwork and filter irrelevant data.

Custom Workflow

A game changing feature of any medical billing and coding software is its ability to customize the documentation process using different templates and custom order sets. 

This gives liberty to the practitioner so that they can customize their workflow approach in a way which can enhance the efficiency of the process.  

The documentation and charting can be done effortlessly and can be aligned in a way which makes sense to them. It helps the practitioners to manage all the processes effortlessly.  

From initial encounters to complex patients' needs, the practitioner can modify the charting preferences to fit their workflow and accomplish their goals.

If an Otolaryngology billing software does not have this feature, then the practitioner will find it very difficult to use. It might even frustrate them.

Comprehensive Interoperability

Interoperability refers to the ability of different computer systems to share data with each other.

In the medical billing field, it is very important for practitioners to actively share data with each other. Patients see multiple specialists across all networks and not all of them share the entire medical history with their providers.

If your patient has consulted some other ENT specialist in the past, knowing the history is very important before proceeding further. 

This prevents repeated testing and procedures which saves money, time, and a lot of additional effort.

Interoperability allows the practitioner to access patient health information from the beginning without any hassle. This feature in any ENT software helps in giving better care to patients by improving the clinical decisions.

Cloud-Based Mobile Features

Cloud-based technology has completely changed the way we perceive data. It is a very common functionality used by everyone nowadays. So why should medical billing be left behind.

With the right Otolaryngology billing Software, practitioners can keep track of data and access it whenever they need. It helps the practitioners access secure patient information and make informed decisions from anywhere.

Security is also a major element of any otolaryngology billing software. It keeps your patient's health information safe from any sort of cyberattack. Technical failures such as computer failing, or deletion of data cannot affect the Patient health information.

You can recover the data at any time from the cloud.

Process Oriented Software

While choosing software for your medical billing process you must ensure that it can handle the financial as well as operational aspects of your practice.

It is important that the software copes with your practice in the most efficient way otherwise it will be a great hassle for you. It can become very confusing and inefficient if the practitioners cannot get the information they need and when they need it. 

Waiting Room: iPad Patient Kiosk

As your patients are sitting in the waiting room you should provide them with an iPad Kiosk so that they can fill out their intake forms.

This saves a lot of time for your staff, which means they can provide better patient care.  

It also decreases the scope of error by reducing manual entry and can be appealing to the patients.

The right kiosk software allows patients to complete certain quality measures themselves. 

Front Office: Practice Management Software

Practice management software plays a very crucial role in helping practitioners manage their administrative aspects.  

But the question here is, how does the information flow between the practice management software and your Otolaryngology billing software.

If there is a bridge connecting the two then you are missing out on the opportunity to improve the functionality of your software. You might also be paying extra money just to transfer the information from one software to another. 

With Unify Medicraft you can easily take care of the flow of data from your practice management software to Otolaryngology billing software.

Moreover, it also includes an appointment finder too that can automatically search for appointments you want the patient to schedule. It also facilitates eligibility verification, robust reporting tools, and accurate claim submissions. 

Beyond the Office: Patient Engagement Tools 

Beyond the office it means keeping in touch with the audience before they arrive and after they leave.

Software can be very helpful when the practitioner or the patient is on the go. The records can be quickly reviewed and if needed, prescription can also be given through the software.

Unify Medicraft: The Best Medical Billing Software for Healthcare 

These are some of the major features which make Unify Medicraft the best medical billing software for healthcare.

We have created Unify Medicraft to help practitioners make their workflow efficient and hassle-free.

We have been in the industry for very long and we have understood that the most hectic processes in medical billing do not necessarily require human intervention. It can easily be done with the help of software.  

Unify Medicraft is designed in a way which allows practitioners to configure the software according to their niche requirements. Every niche in the medical billing industry needs a customized process and we have crafted the software accordingly.

Unify Medicraft have envisioned making medical billing hassle-free for all the healthcare providers and we have reduced the hassle of multiple individuals as well as organization. 

You can be next!!