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Get Enterprise Practice Management Software to support your healthcare business goals.

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Experience a Smart Software Solution: Unify Medicraft

Get streamlined practice management processes, including reports, statements, billing, claims generation, eligibility checks, and more. Schedule tasks for completion at any convenient time and enjoy a continuous revenue cycle.
Our software is built on an integrated database to support the entire enterprise. It allows for the implementation of our best features to unite our technology and your business goals.
You’ll get all the data you need to establish meaningful benchmarks, make critical decisions, and grow your healthcare practice. Access practice analytics in a convenient manner in your smartphone or tablet.
Unify Medicraft’s software master's patient index (MPI) which ensures that all practices under the enterprise umbrella have access to the same patient data. The goal is to have a single source of data for the population under your care.
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Advantages of a top-rated enterprise practice management system: Unify Medicraft

Increased productivity

Accomplish more results, in less time, with less overheads. Apart from reducing time-consuming tasks, our PM solution facilitates data sharing. This helps to catch claim errors and fix them quickly and improves patient satisfaction.

Decision-making tools

Unify Medicraft Enterprise Practice Management Software provides data and key performance indicators needed to make smart business decisions. Assess your A/R, manage your month-end closing, and ensure a healthier cash flow with customized financial reports.

Billing company support

Give your healthcare practice the support it deserves. Our Enterprise Practice Management Software is built to guide your billing toward growth, profitability, and efficiency.

Our Specialized Services

Unify Medicraft’s Practice Management platform assists you to schedule within the context of the full patient history. Its easy-to-use interface can help you modify, reschedule and/or cancel appointments, record patient contacts, and view the history of a patient’s appointment. It also facilitates you to schedule appointments based on clinical orders. The scheduling feature enables you to:- - Offer an appointment schedule as well as showcase patient demographics and appointment types - Ascertain the first available appointment as per the patient’s request - Detailed view of the calendar for an individual resource or a group of resources
The registration feature within Unify Medicraft increases the efficiency for your healthcare practice and patients. It helps your organization identify and resolve duplicate records to facilitate the integrity of a single person record. The registration feature enables you to:- - Augment demographic and insurance information through a seamless workflow - Generate insurance policies during the registration process - Keep track of eligibility in approximate real-time or batch functionality
This feature helps manage the patient flow from his/her check-in or check-out, arrival, ready, In-room, or finished. Through this feature, you can document no-shows and patients who leave without being seen by a medical practitioner. The patient engagement feature enables you to:- - Keep track of all appointments and details for a designated location for the current day. - Document patient demographics, see the details of the patient-doctor encounter. - Collect co-pay, & schedule follow-up appointments during patient’s check-in & check-out.
Align your patient accounts with the care delivered to them. Through this feature, you can ensure that your back-office documentation reflects the efficient care that patients received at your healthcare enterprise. The patient account feature enables you to:- - Automate the medical claim lifecycle by leveraging work queues - Make necessary changes through an extensive claim scrubbing - Simplify payment process through credit & debit card merchant connectivity
Unify Medicraft helps patients view their health record information, lab results, pathology, and radiology reports. It also assists them in communicating with their healthcare team. The patient engagement feature enables you to:- - Empower your enterprise and patient workflows - Automate appointment reminders to reduce no-shows - Connect doctors & patients on all devices at any time of the day - Connect doctors & patients on all devices across the day

Get Access to the Best Enterprise practice Management Solutions with Unify Medicraft

Financial & Engagement Tools

Experience a powerful medical claim management and revenue cycle technology that accelerates cash flow, streamlines payments, and reduces claim denials and errors for your healthcare practice.

Custom and Specialty Specific Management

Unify Medicraft is the leading practice management software solution for a broad range of specialties. Its user-friendly design helps Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Community Health Centers (CHCs), and physician practices to improve their workflow.

Get paid for the Services Rendered

Your medical enterprise deserves to be paid fully for the services it renders. Expert enterprise practice management services from Unify Medicraft will incorporate tools that promote revenue generation and minimize days in A/R.

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