Neonatology medical billing is a subspeciality of the pediatrics department which takes care of newborn babies, especially infants who get ill or are premature.  

It is a hospital-based specialty provided in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). The patients majorly comprise of newborn infants who are ill or require any special medical care due to low birth weight, prematurity, sepsis, birth asphyxia and such other diseases.  

Now it is obvious that even the minutest ailments of infants can be very complex for healthcare providers. Same is the case with the billing process for Neonatology.  

To reduce the complexities, it is often advised that providers should outsource their billing or use Neonatology billing software to reduce the burden. 

Unify Medicraft provides the best Neonatology billing software you can get. We understand the complexities of Neonatology medical billing, that is why we have created the most efficient medical billing software and coding software for Neonatology. 

Medical Billing Expertise of Unify Medicraft

Unify Medicraft has a huge customer base which comprises of hospitals, NICUs, Medical billing organizations and private practitioners.  

Our Neonatology billing software has expertise in ICD-9/10, CPT and HCPCS coding. It follows the guidelines provided by CMS and AMA certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders

Unify Medicraft ensures that correct codes are used for the services offered to infants. It abides by all the policies and guidelines which ensures that the claims are never rejected.

Our software is designed in a way which facilitates proper use of modifiers to avoid denials.  

Confidentiality & Efficiency in Neonatology Nilling 

Unify Medicraft prioritizes confidentiality and understands the importance of patient’s health Information.  Our Neonatology billing software is HIPAA compliant, which ensures the highest level of patient data security.  

All the documents and information related to the treatment are kept confidential. Our software allows flexibility, which helps in the efficient processing of paper and electronic claims.  

Once you integrate Unify Medicraft in your process, all your billing needs will be taken care of securely and efficiently. It will automatically lead your practice towards increased ROI.  

Unify Medicraft has implemented robust security measures which make transmission of data secure and confidential. These security measures safeguard patient data from all sorts of attacks and leaks.  

Apart from confidentiality our Neonatology billing software also focuses on efficiency and has the power to handle complex claims. It saves a lot of time and hassle along with streamlining the process to deliver accurate claims. 

Benefits of Confidential & Efficient Neonatology Billing

  • Improved patient health information security with HIPAA compliance 
  • Decreased errors and claim rejection 
  • Enhanced cash flow with faster claim submission and reimbursement 
  • Streamlined process for improved efficiency 
  • Avoid penalties and fines related to privacy breaches

Customized Neonatology Billing Solution

There are certain requirements for neonatology medical billing. So, it is obvious that it needs some tailored solutions that can fulfill the requirements.

Unify Medicraft is a medical billing software that can be fully customized according to the healthcare provider’s requirements and their niche. It ensures that the provider does not face any issue in providing optimal service.

Unify Medicraft also takes care of the reimbursements for providers and payers by doing accurate coding for neonatal care. It considers factors such as low birth weight or critical infants while taking care of the billing process. 

Our Neonatology billing software can easily distinguish whether you need coding for NICU service or an extensive neonatal billing. Ultimately it will enhance the revenue of your organization.

This feature makes Unify Medicraft the best medical billing software. 

Benefits of Our Customized Neonatology Billing Solution

  • Accurate CPT codes for maximum reimbursement 
  • Tailored billing solution for the unique needs of neonatology practice 
  • Distinguish between factors such as low birth weight or critical infants 
  • Enhanced revenue through a streamlined billing process 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Unify Medicraft is designed in a way that it can take care of your entire revenue cycle management. Our Neonatology medical billing software ensures that the claims are submitted on time so that the accounts receivable can be taken care of as soon as possible.

It has the power to optimize your revenue cycle by submitting clean claims. If there is denial due to any reason, it will notify the provider instantly so that the error can be fixed, and the claim can be resubmitted within the provided time frame.  

Unify Medicraft  also does regular accounts receivable follow-up, to prioritize denial management and maximize collections for your practice.  

Isn’t it great? 

This is not the end!! 

Our extensive revenue management software extends to managing claims from commercial insurance organizations and public payers such as Medicaid and Medicare.  

We understand the discrepancies of dealing with different insurance providers and have made the software accordingly. Unify Medicraft ensures accurate and efficient processing which improves the financial health of your practice.

Perks of Revenue Management Cycle Software

  • On time submission of clean claims 
  • Systematic payment posting 
  • Regular accounts receivable follow-up 
  • Instant denial management 
  • Efficient claim management with insurance companies and public payers 
  • Enhanced financial health for your organization 

Complete Neonatology Billing Services

Unify Medicraft understands the neonatology billing is a complex process. That is why it is designed to streamline your revenue cycle management which improves your revenue.

It ensures that you have an accurate and efficient billing process which allows you to invest more time in providing exceptional care.

Unify Medicraft is compliant with all the regulatory guidelines which ensure that the Patient Health Information is secure at all times.  

The Best Neonatology Billing Software 

Unify Medicraft is the best medical billing and coding software for your Neonatology practice.  The software is crafted with precision so that your billing process can be as smooth as possible. 

We have made sure that the software complies with all the regulations so that confidentiality and integrity cannot be compromised due to any reason. 

We can proudly say that Unify Medicraft is the best Neonatology Medical billing software because we offer the most customizable billing solutions which can be tailored according to the preferences of the provider.  

Unify Medicraft is being used by various healthcare organizations as well as private practitioners and they have seen a massive boost in their revenue. 

The fact that all the hectic processes are taken care of makes the software even more desirable for healthcare providers.  

Unify Medicraft has been created with the vision of simplifying medical billing for every healthcare organization and provider and we are taking it a step further every day.