Are you one of those dental practices whose productivity is being taken away by patient volume, billing challenges, and reduced reimbursements? The reason can be anything that directly or indirectly impacts your revenue cycle. If the profitability of your healthcare practice is hampered regularly, you must start looking for new business strategies like dental billing software, which can contribute towards boosting your revenue.

As a dentist, whenever you think about dental medical billing, it sounds like a system of collecting money. You are right to an extent, but it is more than just collecting money. The overall existence of your dental practice depends on the health of your coding and billing system. It can simply make or break your healthcare facility. Therefore, understanding the dental billing process is a step in the right direction if you want to improve and maintain balance in the administrative cycle.

Whether you believe it or not, dental billing software could be the boost your dental practice is looking for! It will not only help your revenue collection but will also assist you to code more effectively. You will be able to implement a better grouping of common procedures. You might be thinking how is this possible?

What is the Dental Billing Process?

As the name suggests, dental billing refers to various steps that are included for receiving payment from insurance companies and patients for services your dental practice provides. The entire dental billing process can be simply broken into two main revenue streams - patient billing and insurance claims processing.

What is Dental Billing Software?

If you want to see a successful revenue cycle in your practice, dental billing software is a must-have digital tool. Dental practice is a complex specialty, and it requires specialized coding to minimize the chances of human errors, denials, and missed claims.

Every dental practice looks forward to improving staff's efficiency, increasing collection rates, and providing more flexible options for patients to encourage quick payments. This is only possible if you have the right dental billing software like Unify Medicraft in place. Reliable medical billing software provides immediate benefits for both dental practices and their patients.

What to Look for While Choosing a Dental Billing Software

With the number of options and different available features, it can be an overwhelming task to select dental billing software. To save your time and effort we have assembled top features you should keep in mind while looking for dental billing software that will best accommodate your business needs.

Timely Reminders for Appointments

It is essential to send appointment reminders before upcoming bookings for successful business practices. It not only reminds the staff but reduces no-shows in your dental clinic. In this manner, you can rest assured that your patients are receiving the dental care they need.

Better Accessibility

When all the processes are streamlined, it will ensure that all authorized dental health professionals, or any patients, can access the data whenever and wherever they need it. This ensures that information stays updated and can be easily shared across various dental practices if required.

Ensure HIPAA compliance

Another vital component for a successful healthcare business is to ensure that you are compliant with security measures, most importantly - HIPAA guidelines. In this manner, you can ensure the safety of client information, and minimize the risk of breaches, hacks, and various data leakages.


In most cases, dental software solutions can be expensive. However, you must not let this stop you from implementing them into your practice. You will get different types of platforms at various price points. You just need to select the one which offers a variety of features that you are looking for. This will ensure that you get the right returns on your investment.

Proper Record Maintenance

It is often tough to properly regulate data as per various standards. Therefore, choosing software that adheres to all the crucial policies will help to improve record maintenance. You will be able to ensure that all your inventory details and staff records are securely kept in a single place.

Detailed Inventory tracking

There are times when dental practices often place large equipment orders. It can cause overloading in inventory systems if you are not careful. It is a must that you know when you initiate an order and when it arrives. It should be a simplified process to scan the barcodes of the items and load them into your respective databases. Having dental billing software like Unify Medicraft by your side that can handle these inventory processes. It minimizes the risk of insufficient spreadsheets and outdated paper records.

Boost Patient Engagement

You should consider dental billing software which can assist you in boosting patient engagement in your dental practice. Your patients must feel that they can manage different aspects of their dental health experience on their own. They must be able to view and assess their entire medical information. It also opens greater chances for patients to approach dental information that they do not easily understand.

Why Choose Unify Medicraft as a Dental Billing Software

When you are a dental service provider, you already wear a lot of hats. One of them is dental claim coding and billing. Let’s discuss why it will be beneficial for you and your dental practice to consider using a dental billing software – Unify Medicraft.

Specialized Software

We understand the fact that dental claims are entirely different from other standard medical billing claims. Unify Medicraft is a specifically designed dental billing software for efficiently processing claims and submitting them. Keep this thing in mind without using efficient software to integrate with your practice management system, you’re inviting various opportunities for errors, missed claims, or denied payments.

Unify Medicraft, a dental software, integrates with your existing dental practice management to create properly completed dental claims that are ready to be billed by the payers. The software will alert dental claim processors about any kind of errors that may be present on the claims that are to be submitted. The errors may be related to typos or an absence of other information such as x-rays.

Cost Savings

When you use Unify Medicraft as your medical billing software you will experience cost savings in your dental practice. Our software will drastically cut down on the physical paper trail of information, as well as postal service and shipping expenses to send claims to the payer.

We allow seamless integration of your existing dental practice management software with the EDI to provide exceptional cost savings and efficiency.

Proper and Faster Processing

When you have the adept software solution like Unify Medicraft in place, your practice can get paid more quickly. When you consider the traditional approach for filing medical claims, it can take weeks to process. With Unify Medicraft as your medical billing partner, your claims are processed within significantly less time.

We provide real-time information on the claims processing progress. This means that you will not only be able to view patient eligibility and benefits within moments. But you’ll also be able to process dental claims faster and more efficiently. When your claims are processed faster, it means speedy payments for your dental practice, so you can focus on providing exceptional service.


Implementing dental practice management software for your practice certainly makes a lot of difference between a negative or an excellent patient experience. It will enable faster business processing, which will elevate the overall quality of services in your clinic. When you choose reliable medical billing software, you can ensure that you are legally compliant. It helps you to stay cost-effective with medical billing processes, and documentation storage capabilities. So, if you are looking to drive success for your clinic, it is time to get dental software!

Unify Medicraft, a medical billing software for your dental practices, can provide a more concerted environment for dental staff, doctors, patients, and help to manage workflow. The software ensures proper flow of information between staff, doctors, and patients.