The business of medical billing is a tedious task.

Medical billing eats up a huge amount of time and effort of medical staff. All this time can be invested to provide better patient care and give them a better experience.

With advancements in technology around medical billing new software's have been introduced that can take care of all the documentation, registration, insurance, and all other stuff.

Mental billing services are no different. There are various mental health software systems dedicated to mental billing. It helps in improving the efficiency of patient care and improving the way that your practice organizes and safekeeps its data.

A dedicated software for mental billing makes billing and accounting easier that benefits practice as well as patients.

Mental Health Software Enhances Efficiency

Healthcare management software for mental billing helps significantly in increasing the operational efficiency which is more precise and authoritative than pen and paper.

One common way in which mental health software makes billing efficient is through data management.

Mental billing software makes it easier to update data and safeguard it after every edit. It makes sure that patient’s health information is kept safe as per the HIPAA guidelines.

EHR software allows multiple health organizations to update patient data dynamically which facilitates communication among doctors.

It becomes easy for doctors to check the history of patients they treat. This way the doctors can have a better understanding of the patient’s condition and provide better support.

An efficient mental billing software provides various tools that helps practitioners to focus more on their patients.

Some functionalities include intake/outbound forms and note taking templates.

Schedule Effortlessly

Scheduling is a difficult task, especially when one in five Americans are dealing with mental health problems.

This hassle can be reduced significantly if we implement tech such as mental billing software and use it to streamline the process.

Healthcare management software improves the front office work by adjusting the schedule based on the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

Moreover, medical billing software includes a patient portal that can help your patients communicate better with practitioners. It helps in creating a better bond and trust between patients and doctors.

A patient portal also assists with any last-minute scheduling changes and unforeseen mental health issues so that the doctor can figure out the best solution for patients.

Tracking the patient attendance who attends group therapy sessions and make any changes, if needed for a better aid. The software can send regular reminders to patients about their appointments ensuring their personal and professional schedules are adjusted according to the appointment.

Insurance & Billing

The most lovable and prominent feature of any medical billing software is how it helps in billing and filing claims.

Additionally, good medical billing software provides multiple options to receive payment from the patients. Patients can receive receipts and invoices through mental billing software, so they are aware of the charges they need to pay from their pockets.

Effective health management software simplifies insurance claims. Every insurance company has its own plans & policies for submitting insurance claims which can be very exhausting for patients as well as providers. But not for the software!

The software allows practitioners to submit insurance claims, CMS-1500 forms, and ERA files.

The ability to file insurance claims with patient portals assures the practice and the patients that they both are taken care of adequately.


When billing features and insurance management are already included in a mental billing software, it is obvious that it will have its own integrated accounting feature.

Mental health software must include the features which help in the growth of your business along with the tools required to provide the best patient care possible.

The software helps in processing the payments, boosting your revenue while safeguarding your financial data. It decreases the efforts required for accounting significantly so the practitioner can focus solely on patient care.

Moreover, integrated accounting is altogether a cheaper alternative for your practice.

Why Software is The Solution?

A lot of healthcare organizations face difficulties in managing the increasing cost of operations while maintaining a healthy billing cycle. Many practitioners handle billing on their own, which hampers patient care and revenue.

Mental billing software streamlines the entire billing process in such a way that the practitioner does not have to go through any hassle of documentation or processing payments.

For a better understanding of how software can help you, we have segregated various aspects where the software can perform better than humans.

Specialty –Specific

A mental billing software can help providers do the documentation more efficiently without hampering the quality. A one size fit all is not an ideal solution every time because under some circumstances, the complexity of billing is too high.

A specialty-specific software makes sure that practitioners do not have to waste their time in sorting irrelevant information.

Every domain has different specialty codes and documenting tools. Every provider does the documentation in a way that works for them.

The software increases the efficiency and accuracy of documentation; hence the providers can submit more accurate claims in less time.

Timely Claim Submission

Every payer does not allow for billing at the same time of the month. It is very easy for providers to lose track of the billing schedule for different payers. Some payers allow mid-month billing while others provide end-of-month billing.

This leads to revenue loss and the practitioner falls behind on necessary payments.

Quality software, especially medical billing software for small businesses provides tools to differentiate between these payers as small businesses need more time to focus on their quality of patient care.

It maximizes the claim process and allows for quicker payment reimbursements.


Not every insurance provider requires pre-authorization, but many do. Majorly if patients come in multiple times in a month or a week, or even those who need a more involved treatment plan.

Good mental billing software keeps track of pre-authorizations to improve their payments along with providing great patient care.

Claims Tracking

Using billing software facilitates higher claim rates. Even if the claim gets rejected there is still a short window where you can correct the claim and resubmit it.

An efficient billing software helps providers track the status of their claim which makes sure they resubmit denied claims on time.

This helps practitioners to find a solution for patients who were denied due to a change in coverage.

Code scrubbing edits and a built-in clearinghouse can help you proactively correct errors so practitioners can reduce denials or claim re-work.

Insurance Verification

Many-a-times patient’s change in coverage needs to be updated before the visit is completed.

Billing software helps in maintaining updated patient billing information with insurance and eligibility verification before every visit.

This is a healthy practice to safeguard payment and secure patient visits.

Mental billing software helps providers offer specialty-specific coding and an efficient way to document, ensure coverage, track claims, and protect your practice with apt billing practices.

It is important to find a seamless integrated solution for your practice management and billing needs as a mental healthcare provider.

Partner With the Best

Medical billing is a very complex and tedious task and there is no doubt about that. However, technology has simplified the procedures and made it easy for healthcare providers.

Unify Medicraft is one such software that has helped various practitioners as well as organizations to simplify their medical billing.

All the documentation and claim filings are done through software, which gives more time to practitioners so they can provide better patient care.

Unify Medicraft is an all-in-one solution for medical billing that can be configured for different domains. We envision making billing easy for all the healthcare providers so that they can give more time to patients without being skeptical about their revenue.