To meet the unique needs of your podiatric practice, you need an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution if you want to be a step ahead of your competitors. A podiatry EMR software system is helpful for podiatrists to track and organize patient information.

No matter whether your Podiatry practice is small or large, an EMR software solution is useful for all. The technology of the software is scalable, and every practice size benefits from the automation of vital functions. This includes scheduling and billing, which helps to speed up manual procedures and the results are great efficiencies. The appointment scheduling feature in the EMR software solution helps large podiatry set-ups. This is because the staff members are updated about the availability of the podiatrist and avoid overbookings. It can lead to podiatrist burnout and also leave patients dissatisfied due to the longer wait times.

For Podiatrists who work in a solo clinic or a large hospital, it is essential to have the best Podiatry EMR Software to manage an efficient workflow and deliver the best possible care to the patients. It not only reduces the stress of the staff but also the stress of the physicians. The stress can be related to when the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software or the Practice Management (PM) Software in use is not aligned with specific procedures and operations of the staff.

Features of an Ideal Podiatry EMR Software

If you are on the hunt to get podiatry EMR software for your healthcare organization, then it is important for you to be aware of the common features that must be present in the software solution that you choose. To reap the complete benefits of your podiatry practice, these features are a necessity. In any case even if one is missing you won’t be able to run your operations from a single system.

So, Let’s Begin:

You get customizable features

When the software comes with customizable features and settings it puts the user in control. The user can customize the settings according to your needs. The benefit of flexible settings is that it helps you to enjoy the features as per your clinical setup.

When you get a quality Podiatry EMR Software like – Unify Medicraft, it allows you with the following settings:


You will get an ideal Podiatry EMR that has customizable templates. The foremost feature of quality software is that it has templates built within it. You can either use these templates as designed or they can be adjusted according to the podiatry clinical procedures like pre-and-post-operative care, diabetic care, wound care, sports medicine, etc.

Voice recognition technology

The best podiatry EMR software will provide you with voice and handwriting recognition technology. This process can be used by doctors to ease the process of documentation.

Easy access

Cloud-based podiatry EMR can be easily accessed on a personal computer, tablet, or MacBook considering that you have a strong internet connection and a stable web browser. One point to note is that the EMR software is a SaaS (software-as-a-service). This means that it never demands an expensive server infrastructure and other costs for maintenance.

Safe e-Prescription

e-Prescription means the prescription or refilling of medicines without any manual processing. The software helps to carry out the process with greater safety and accuracy after the drug-drug and drug-food allergies are checked.

Compliance with Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use (MU) - an incentive program for improving the quality and synchronization of patient care with licensed EMR technologies. Patient privacy is the core of MU and will provide you with the following advantages;

  • Safe and Improvised healthcare practices
  • Lesser health differences
  • Enhanced engagement with patients
  • Advanced care coordination

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA directs the Podiatrists to use the software in compliance with the regulations of MU. MU compliance is basically a certification for the quality of software. When software is MU-compliant, it not only saves the time and effort of the clinician but also enhances the workflow of end-users.

Reminders of Booking and appointment

When we talk about high-quality patient care, it is more than just addressing their issues. The patients are always looking for something better. They will always expect a little more from their healthcare providers.

So, it is up to you that what extra you can do is to decrease their wait time for appointments, laboratory test reports, etc. This is where EMR software can help. It helps to improve the quality of patient care and manage the reminders for appointments and online bookings.

For booking appointments online, Podiatry EMR has a specialized patient portal. It is helpful for the patients and doctors to choose a convenient time for the visit. Another thing that can be provided to the patient is the feature to seek guidance and contact the care team anytime. The appointment reminders are helpful for the doctors and patients to remember the date and time of their upcoming follow-ups. All these facilities contribute to better doctor-patient relations and eliminate the cases of non-appearance.

Safety and Convenience in Data Sharing

While choosing the EMR, you must ensure that it allows safe and easy sharing of the data. It should be convenient for the doctors. Also, they must be able to share their patients’ data with other healthcare experts for consultation. It must be convenient to sort and categorize the data gathered by different physicians and laboratories. This will result in doctors having a focused work schedule with important alerts. All of these possibilities come without any security issues when you choose the right Podiatry EMR Software. Besides effective data sharing and communication, the doctors can also,

  • Exchange other information and medical records
  • Send referrals and recommendations
  • Pay insurances timely

One thing to note is that the entire process is carried out without worrying about security or privacy.

Another very famous concept in many healthcare practices is – referrals. A lot of time and resources are spent by Clinicians to collaborate with each other and send or receive referrals from one another. However, this process is even more convenient with the use of Podiatry EMR software. Referrals through EMR ensure that the patients receive required follow-ups. This eliminates the problems during the patient transition between healthcare providers.

How to choose a right Podiatry EMR

While selecting Podiatry EMR Software, ensure that it has the majority of the features mentioned above. And, in addition to the above-mentioned features, there are certain things that you have to consider for a wise purchase.

Size of the clinical setup

When you are choosing Podiatry EMR Software, considering the size of your healthcare practice is one of the most crucial considerations. Software requirements should be according to the size of the clinical setup.

The most common types of clinic sizes include

  • Personal clinics or solo setups
  • Small-sized practices involving 3-4 providers
  • Medium-sized practices
  • Larger setups like hospitals and established healthcare organizations

If we compare the larger setups to individual, small, or medium-sized practices, they have different needs and requirements. Small practices are usually handled by merely 3-4 providers and have a limited budget. Therefore, they look for some of the affordable choices in the market. They have nothing to do with expensive on-site networks and thus need simple and reasonably affordable systems like a cloud based EMR.

Price Considerations

Podiatry EMRs that are based on the servers, license, maintenance cost, and setup requirements can be expensive for solo and medium-sized healthcare practices. Before you move ahead to get software, it is important to ensure that you get all the price-related information. It includes - look for the setup, license, upgradation, customization fees, etc. Also, you have to be aware of monthly rates and extras for additional support and training. A good idea is to make a checklist and finalize the cost before you make a purchase.

Final Thoughts

The Podiatry EMR like Unify Medicraft entertains the podiatry healthcare providers with the functionality of a multi-specialty EMR. It offers them specific tools within the software that will enhance the performance and productivity of the clinical experts.

Unify Medicraft presents the best solution for manual data management and paperwork. It is very hectic; time taking and does not let the doctors focus on their actual work. Therefore, they need software like Unify Medicraft that specifically fits with their specialty and all in one with different tools as per the demands of their field.