Enhance Accuracy and Efficiency in Medical Billing

Unify Medicraft, a cloud-based healthcare software provider for independent medical, mental health, and physical therapy practices, constantly works towards satisfying healthcare facility’s medical billing. We, with our innovative approach, ensure that comprehensive solutions are offered to every healthcare facility.

Our software has witnessed extraordinary growth over the last few years. "We are evolving as medical billing software and constantly catching up with the market’s requirements," said Sanbir Kapoor, CEO, of Unify Healthcare Services. Every patient’s record is accurately maintained and shared with associated healthcare practices to enhance their patient engagement tactics and billing processes. Healthcare providers are becoming more effective and more efficient after getting associated with Unify Medicraft. These advancements are not only driving more successful business practices for healthcare practitioners and practices but also creating significantly improved patient outcomes.

We are excited to expand our RCM capability and maximize reimbursement for our medical service provider clients from various specialties. We move forward with an intense focus on maximizing revenue collections for the clients. Today, we stand strong in the medical billing world just because of the enthusiasm to build a successful medical billing core for every client, irrespective of the size of the healthcare organization. Our commitment and expertise together are well matched for transforming the medical coding and billing world for all the healthcare service providers. Unify Medicraft constantly looks forward to a seamless transition for our entire client base with increased resources.

Unify Medicraft with the introduction of medical billing software in 2021 revolutionized the healthcare world. Today, the solution continues to lead medical coding and billing innovation with a complete cloud suite of smart applications that work in unison. The software works to accelerate collaborative workflow and reduce the administrative burden for every role of the healthcare practice. With Unify Medicraft, medical office staff are empowered to thrive in the digital age of healthcare and value-based reimbursement. This is possible with essential clinical, financial, patient engagement, and reputation management applications that are unified and available anytime, anywhere on any device. We strive to be the technology heartbeat of healthcare for providers, patients, and payors for a healthier world.