Medicraft Makes Easy RCM Accessible to All Healthcare Facilities

Medicraft is a unified cloud-based RCM solution that aims to make the process of RCM easy for healthcare facilities of all sizes, while meeting and exceeding the industry’s standards.

With its intuitive and intelligent approach, the innovative software is successfully shaping the future of healthcare facilities.

This is how Medicraft is assisting healthcare facilities:

  • 76% faster order fulfillment times with intuitive and connected workflows
  • 92% fewer out of stocks with real-time inventory control
  • 98% clean claim rate with enhanced claim automation
  • 40% increase in up-front collections with patient estimates
  • 99% reduction in paper with digital processes from order fulfillment to billing & payment posting
  • 100% increase in employee happiness, working with user-friendly HME/DME software

Cloud-based technology – The cloud-based software is easy to use and integrate different devices seamlessly to make things easier for you. The integration of different devices ensures easy accessibility and enhanced user experience.

Inventory management -
 From purchasing and warehousing to shipping, tracking, and billing, you need a robust solution to maximize your HME investment. To help you maximize your investment, we have integrated e-Purchasing solution.

Easy documentation – We have made capturing, managing, sharing, and securing documentation electronically easy. All your data is securely stored in one place, and indexed for easy accessibility whenever you need it.

A complete virtual office – You can easily connect with your patients and help them with whatever they want through the virtual office. It ensures that you are providing the best possible care to your patients.

HIPPA compliant – We are HIPPA compliant which ensures the confidentiality and privacy of ePHI.

Electronically advanced – The smooth process of e-registration, e-Paying, and e-Faxing will sort all your manual trouble. This feature also ensures the safety and security of all the data.

Mobile application - The mobile application lets you access information handy and ensures that you serve your patients on the go.

All the features contribute to the making the software an easy-to-use tool.