Sharing Knowledge

Unify Medicraft is very happy to announce that we are going to be a part of the Medtrade event held in Dallas, Texas. It is a two-day event starting on the 26th of March. We are excited to share and gain knowledge with experts in the field. It is a great opportunity for us to expand our horizons and create a fresh perspective. The Medtrade expo floor is filled with the latest home medical equipment and products. It is going to be a very huge opportunity for us as there will be a lot of international attendees from Canada, Mexico, China, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Our parent company Unify Healthcare has been an old contributor to the Medtrade event for quite some time now. Unify Medicraft is very keen to see the latest HME retail products and connect with current vendors. This is a great window to create new connections and strengthen our relations with manufacturers.

Medtrade acts as a common ground of interactions between new businesses and experience holders. It is an educational opportunity for HME businesses to discuss certain topics like retail, marketing, audits, business operations, executive leadership, and more. As a young organization, we will also be seeking the newest HME products and services that serve our customers’ needs.

Unify Medicraft is a Revenue Cycle Management software that streamlines your medical billing process by taking the hassle off your shoulders. We make sure that there are zero errors in the billing process which helps in decreasing the denial frequency. The Medtrade event will provide us with a chance to showcase our expertise in the field and connect with our potential clients. We would love to share our knowledge and experience with all the attendees.